The Poetry of Place (TM) Method makes it easy to create  exceptional spaces.  

Through the art of architecture we are committed to

 - improving your life through livable, environmentally responsible design

 - expressing  an artistic  sense of universal harmony - innovative and timeless  

 - creating a happy process as well as  a beautiful product.  

 - keeping construction cost under control; eliminating risk with clarity and detail

 - ensuring your satisfaction with our level of service 

 We design for regional context using local materials, diminishing carbon footprint and contributing to what I call "The Poetry of Place (TM)."   This is a unique, evocative lyricism and energy in the built environment that comes from generations of responding to local climate, topography, materials, and culture.  In our responsive design process, we celebrate The Poetry of Place. Our clients' needs, hopes and dreams, as well as the myriad choices and details, get distilled into an efficient art form, in a similar process to that of writing a good poem.  

FIRST MEETING(S)  Your Story Board - low risk and high reward

More valuable than the typical interview, this feasibility study helps you avoid future costly mistakes.  We get to know you, your story and your project.  We listen, experience your world in person, interview your building users.  Once we understand your needs and the scope (size and budget), we provide a "story board" - an outline or feasability study with photographs and/or sketches that determines zoning and other regulations, develops more detailed square footages and uses, and determines your aesthetic and priorities.  We review the AIA Owner-Architect Contract with you and possibly commit to an exciting, creative, and structured but fluid design process.


PROGRAMMING/PLANNING      The Concept or Outline

We help non-profit and commercial clients develop a program (uses, square footage, green building requirements, budget).  Organizations  benefit from conceptual studies (diagrammatic plans, sketch renderings) for capital planning and fundraising.  As urban designers and planners, we're dedicated to poetic and meaningful place-making and we have experience with planning campuses, mixed use developments, and housing.


SCHEMATIC DESIGN      The Foundation or "First Draft Poem"

If not already accomplished during the planning phase, and for residential clients who skip the planning phase, we document existing conditions and consult with city officials.  We distill this information along with our clients' needs, developing small scale plans and 3D studies and outline specifications.  We bring on a licensed GC for a ballpark cost estimate.  After a presentation meeting, we redesign if necessary or move on to Design Development.  


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT        Editing with Details

For us, the design process is fluid.  It's like good writing where you eliminate unnecessary flab while adding detail. In this phase a lot of detail gets added.  We produce preliminary Contract Documents (working drawings), working closely with the owner to choose and lay out lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures, casework, hardware and finishes.  We coordinate with engineers and other consultants, and draft specifications and a more thorough cost estimate.  



Final detailed construction drawings and final specifications.  Meticulous detail established in this phase eliminates surprises, delays and overruns during construction. 


BID/NEGOTIATION        Establishing the Team    

We distribute drawings and specifications to contractor(s), interpret documents, negotiate and establish a schedule, and award the Owner-Contractor contract.


CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION       Three legged stability

Good communication enables the owner, architect and contractor to work together like a well-oiled machine.  Our involvement during construction avoids costly overruns, ensures that the design intent is understood and carried out, and protects both the owner's and contractor's interests.  We administer the AIA Owner/Contractor Contract, make periodic site visits and issue written reports including change orders.  We're on call to interpret the drawings, answer questions, and review the contractor's requests for payment.                                                    


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