“Julia Miner was an outstanding student in my art courses at Dartmouth College in the 1970’s. We have kept in touch ever since and I’ve admired her growth as a professional architect.

When the non-profit Ashley Bryan Center planned to build a year-round museum of my life in art and education, I put the A. B. Center Committee in touch with Ms. Miner.  After the committee reviewed her impressive portfolio, she was awarded the contract.  In preparation for this project, Ms. Miner first explored and enjoyed the island landscape,…talked with a noted museum designer and conservator,…and contacted members of my family and drew from them deeper insights that would enhance the design of the building.  She then created a design of the museum, which…has its special character that takes its place in an ideal relation to the Islesford homes and landscape.

Julia Miner brings care, ingenuity and humility to all of her projects. This makes working with her a learning experience and a joy.”        

Ashley Bryan


Julia's pre-design "Story Board" service was really helpful. I LOVED her sketches. Not only did they capture the feel of what we wanted to do with our renovation - they made me (and everyone I showed them to) say "WOW!" And it was great to get her input on our budget and the investment in our property. Julia was generous with her time and gave us prompt service. I look forward to working with her further on our house.

Tracy Van Dorpe


  Julie is friendly and personable with a great eye for color and design. She carefully listened to my needs and concerns for my home and came up with ideas that perfectly addressed them all. She devised a beautiful solution to maximize space while still staying with my town's tight setback constraints. It resulted in the incorporation of a bay window in the dining room that every single person who sees it comments on how lovely it is - both for the visual appeal it added to the exterior as well as the feeling of openness in the interior of the house. I feel like I have a whole new home!”  

Jessica Lane


Before we bought the farmhouse that Julia Miner had recently renovated for her family, I never dreamed I’d live in this beautiful a house. She did a remarkable job of maintaining the charm of the original old house and combining it with new, open spaces that work so well for our busy family of six. It easily accommodates a crowd and also feels cozy and comfortable when we are just with our family. Julia was very accommodating with our move-in process and since we’ve lived here, she has responded promptly and generously to our many questions about paint colors, equipment, and mechanical systems. I would highly recommend living in a house by Julia Miner and imagine that the design process with her would be delightful.     

House owner


When I was expecting my third child I hired Julia Miner Studio to add a bedroom/office to our house. Time was of the essence and Julia responded right away, listening to our needs and designing a beautiful and efficient plan that exceeded our expectations. She brought just the right contractor on board. The project unfolded without a hitch, harmoniously and in plenty of time before the baby came. I’ve also admired the combination of historic preservation and open, modern spaces that Julia designed for her own house just up the road from us. I will definitely hire Julia again for a larger project we’re contemplating and I’d recommend her highly.    

Erica Steckler, PHD