REVIEWS of The Lighthouse Santa



“The Lighthouse Santa should be in every Marblehead home. If you have young children it’s a must. If your children are grown, buy it just in case. If you have no children, buy it to remember your own childhood dreams and then find a child to read it to.”



"For The Lighthouse Santa Hunter has again teamed up with Massachusetts artist and designer Julia Miner, who illustrated The Unbreakable Code. Her detailed paintings have a homey, crayon-colored quality, and she has a knack for facial expressions. The lighthouse of her creation brims with nostalgic touches: a Raggedy Ann doll atop a bookshelf, an iron bed with a rumpled quilt, a mother who wears an apron and plays carols on the piano.  But if the story transports us to another era, it is no less relevant to modern readers." see more


REVIEWS of The Shepherd's Song, The Twenty Third Psalm



Wisely, Miner refrains from attempts to embellish the achingly lovely cadences of the King James version of the Twenty-third psalm. Time has diminished neither the imagery nor the power of its reassuring message. For her artwork--a series of pastoral scenes rendered in serene, workmanlike pastels that make excellent use of light and shadow--Miner draws on firsthand observation of both a shepherdess neighbor and shepherd children at work in the mountains of Greece…Young readers see at close range how the sheep are tenderly cared for, guided, fed and kept safe from harm, reinforcing the universal promise of protection implicit in David's words. This is a highly accessible visual interpretation of one of the Bible's most famous poems. All ages.

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The King James version of David's best-loved psalm, in a handsome large-sized setting with full-bleed paintings rendered in pastels. Miner depicts what could be a rocky Mediterranean seaside, with ancient stonework on mountain roads and updating in the form of metal pails, a modern lantern and boots, and a girl in plaits (among others) to tend the sheep. The relationship between shepherds and flock is center stage, in a gorgeous landscape dramatically lit by the setting sun or beneath a darkened sky. …an outstandingly appealing debut, that makes an imaginative exploration of the word 'pastoral.'''
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"The King James Version of the favorite psalm is paired with illustrations of a sheepherding family hard at work in a modern-day Greek setting. The action portrayed in the pastel artwork will help make the words meaningful to young readers, and a note by the illustrator comments on shepherds and provides information on David, the psalmist."



"Why hasn't anyone done this before? Or have we missed it?  No matter, Julia Miner has done it so beautifully that no earlier version would compare.  She has created thirty luminous pastel paintings, which draw the reader into the world of a sheepherding family.  The familiar, comforting words, for perhaps the first time, tell a story that even the youngest child can understand."
More Words of praise for “the Shepherd’s Song”


ASHLEY BRYAN, illustrator, teacher, and mentor:

“It is beautifully realized.  I’ve felt each double page spread, the words of the psalm, and the moving spirit you’ve brought to your illustrations.  Your pastels continually open to the voice in the Psalm and one feels quieted and restored by the close of the Psalm.”


LONA INGUERSON, whose lecture first inspired the Shepherd's Song:

“Magnificent…you have captured it beautifully”



"Julia has illustrated my two best selling books.  Her integrity, high standards, and insistence on authenticity have made these books successful.  The Unbreakable Code's oil paintings are based on hours of research in the desert and canyons of Arizona and New Mexico, in addition to her hiring Navajo models for accuracy's sake.  The Lighthouse Santa, depicted in awe-inspiring pastels, features aerial views of islands and perspectives of lighthouses from every angle, showcasing Julia's keen architectural eye. I have so enjoyed Julia's and my professional collaboration over may years.  She is a radiant talent, fully committed to sharing her penchant for architectural and historical beauty with the next generation."